Video 20 Mar

Clockwise from top left: The Tale of the Tape screen at the start of a match, the Next Day screen, the Database screen and the Student Overview screen. Figured this blog could use some more graphics.

Text 20 Mar Version 1.4 Released

Hi all,

Version 1.4 has been released with a few bugfixes, one of which was a major one (hence the new release).

Here is the link:

Major bugfix:

-Fixed a bug in which the organization’s title would not be vacated if the user’s contract ran out after a successful title defense. Since the game looks for the champion when booking Championship Matches, this would cause problems if the user chose to sign with another organization.

Minor bugfix:

-Fixed a bug in which a user fighter’s next match would not be shown on the Management screen if the last match happened to be a Tournament Qualifier. Now it automatically updates it correctly to reflect the fact that the user fighter is automatically booked for the next event if he wins a Tournament Qualifier match.


-Added hover-over tooltips for the Training Plan buttons.

-Set the default text to black, in case custom Windows themes made it difficult to read the text.

Hopefully I won’t have to make any more major bugfixes. Thanks to all that played the game and provided valuable feedback. Cheers!

Text 11 Mar Version 1.3 Released

Hi all,

Version 1.3 is released! I ended up not touching the training and equipment upgrade costs. Thus, the main addition is the fighter import/export feature.

First, here is the download link:

New Feature:

Fighter Import/Export: From the Fighter Profile Screen, you can now export the selected fighter, into a new folder called ./Resources/Exports. Once exported, you can do two things with the export file.

a) You can import the fighter into the free agents list. From there, he is treated the same as any normal non-user controlled fighter. This can be done from the Manager Profile screen.

b) You can import him into a Fantasy Match. This can be done from each fighter’s profile screen. When you select a fighter to import as a Fantasy Opponent, he will immediately enter a match with the fighter currently selected via the drop-down selection. Keep in mind no record of this match is kept in the game itself - it is merely a feature to enable players to trade fighters and pair them up against each other for fun.

I’m hoping this feature will add a bit of life to the game =)


-Fixed a slight bug in which Offers would not be refreshed when the user decides to retire one of his or her fighters.

-Optimized the free agent selection process to prevent potential memory leaks, as well as introducing more randomness to the process.

-Increased the rate at which fighters gain popularity, reducing the effect of charisma (since the user cannot control the charisma level).

As usual, let me know if there are any further issues. All save files from Version 1.1 and above are compatible with this version, since the import/export feature does not modify the manner in which data is saved/loaded - the logic behind it is separate from the main game. Enjoy the game!

Text 9 Mar Fighter Import/Export

Version 1.3 will be released soon - I am currently testing it at the moment. There are some fairly large changes compared to previous versions, but I’d like to discuss the biggest one now:

Fighter Import/Export

You can now export your fighters from their profile screen. But what to do with them once you export them? There are two things you can do.

a) Import into Database - This can be done from the manager profile screen. Doing so takes an exported fighter and places them into the free agents list.

b) Fantasy Match - This can be done from each fighter’s profile page. Importing a fighter here allows you to set up a fantasy match between the current fighter shown and the fighter you import. This means you can trade fighters between friends and fight them against each other!

Hopefully this adds a little more replay value to the game. I hope you enjoy this!

Text 1 Mar Version 1.2 Released

Hi all,

Due to a potentially game-breaking bug, I’ve had to upload Version 1.2 sooner than expected. Thanks to Gandalf. from IndieDB for bringing this to my attention.

Version 1.2:

Major Changes in v1.2:

-Fixed a potentially game-breaking issue in which free agents would not be signed if the the organization size was below the minimum allowed.

Minor Changes:

-Added tooltips to top menu buttons.

-Increased the rate at which managers gain experience in order to reduce the amount of time it takes to get to higher tiers of competition.

-After Next Day completes, the user is now brought back to the last screen he or she was at instead of the Profile screen.

Any saves from Version 1.1 are fully compatible with Version 1.2, so you do not need to restart your game. I apologize for any inconvenience the bug may have caused.

Text 27 Feb Works on Linux!

I haven’t made a native Linux version, but the Windows version available for download seems to work well on Wine. The only problem is that non-user events that are simulated after clicking on the Next Day button seem to take much longer to simulate (and the game sometimes even APPEARS to crash, even though it hasn’t). However, the game is otherwise fully functional.

Text 26 Feb Version 1.1 Released

Hi all,

Version 1.1 has been uploaded:

Version 1.1 Changes:

-Added more help screens and dialog on popup notifications to hopefully aid new players.

-Moved Scandinavia (and all Scandinavian fighters) to Western Europe.

-Fixed a small bug in which the “Manager Titles” field would not be updated correctly when the user decides to retire a fighter that happens to hold a World Championship belt.

Minor changes, but that was some of the feedback I got on Version 1.0. It should be noted that any save files from 1.0 are compatible with 1.1, but may cause issues with random name generation (due to Scandinavia now being part of Western Europe). Therefore, it is suggested that you don’t use your old save files with the new version.

However, the changes between 1.0 and 1.1 are very minor, so if you’ve already got the hang of the game and don’t mind that Scandinavia is in Eastern Europe in Version 1.0, then you lose nothing by continuing with Version 1.0.

The download is a single zip file which should contain everything the game needs to run. It was compiled using qmake and MinGW. To run it:

1. Download the zip file.

2. Unzip the file somewhere.

3. Navigate to where you unzipped the files.

4. Simply double-click on KickboxingManager.exe.

Video 26 Feb

Some more screenshots. Clockwise from top left - the Organizations Screen, the Fighter Summary Screen, the Gym Summary Screen, the Management Screen and the Events Screen.

Text 25 Feb Adding Students

People seem to have trouble figuring out how to get students, so in Version 1.1 I’ll probably update the help file, as well as the popup that appears when you have attempt to train a student when you have no students.

Until then (I’m waiting for hopefully more people to chime in on any changes they’d like to see, so I can change a bunch of things instead of just one), here’s some info:

Students have a moderate probability of showing up at your gym when you hit the Next Day button, assuming you have student slots left. From the Management screen you can browse students and select one to train.

Video 25 Feb

Just a couple of screenshots. From left to right - the Training Screen, the Match Screen and the Corner Screen, which appears between the rounds of your fighter’s match.

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