Text 11 Mar Version 1.3 Released

Hi all,

Version 1.3 is released! I ended up not touching the training and equipment upgrade costs. Thus, the main addition is the fighter import/export feature.

First, here is the download link:


New Feature:

Fighter Import/Export: From the Fighter Profile Screen, you can now export the selected fighter, into a new folder called ./Resources/Exports. Once exported, you can do two things with the export file.

a) You can import the fighter into the free agents list. From there, he is treated the same as any normal non-user controlled fighter. This can be done from the Manager Profile screen.

b) You can import him into a Fantasy Match. This can be done from each fighter’s profile screen. When you select a fighter to import as a Fantasy Opponent, he will immediately enter a match with the fighter currently selected via the drop-down selection. Keep in mind no record of this match is kept in the game itself - it is merely a feature to enable players to trade fighters and pair them up against each other for fun.

I’m hoping this feature will add a bit of life to the game =)


-Fixed a slight bug in which Offers would not be refreshed when the user decides to retire one of his or her fighters.

-Optimized the free agent selection process to prevent potential memory leaks, as well as introducing more randomness to the process.

-Increased the rate at which fighters gain popularity, reducing the effect of charisma (since the user cannot control the charisma level).

As usual, let me know if there are any further issues. All save files from Version 1.1 and above are compatible with this version, since the import/export feature does not modify the manner in which data is saved/loaded - the logic behind it is separate from the main game. Enjoy the game!

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