Text 20 Mar Version 1.4 Released

Hi all,

Version 1.4 has been released with a few bugfixes, one of which was a major one (hence the new release).

Here is the link:


Major bugfix:

-Fixed a bug in which the organization’s title would not be vacated if the user’s contract ran out after a successful title defense. Since the game looks for the champion when booking Championship Matches, this would cause problems if the user chose to sign with another organization.

Minor bugfix:

-Fixed a bug in which a user fighter’s next match would not be shown on the Management screen if the last match happened to be a Tournament Qualifier. Now it automatically updates it correctly to reflect the fact that the user fighter is automatically booked for the next event if he wins a Tournament Qualifier match.


-Added hover-over tooltips for the Training Plan buttons.

-Set the default text to black, in case custom Windows themes made it difficult to read the text.

Hopefully I won’t have to make any more major bugfixes. Thanks to all that played the game and provided valuable feedback. Cheers!

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